Consultative IT Transformation

Less politics, more action:

Utilising experienced consultants to support the CIO Office through business change

The CIO Challenge

Most CIOs are dumped into a myriad of corporate political corners, every time they engage an executive sponsor they are challenged about services are not what the business needs to get the business done. Everyone demanding their piece of the CIO and expecting to have it done right away. If this sounds familiar we come across often. The CIO has to become more business savvy.

The Consulting Approach

With a timely and appropriate engagement with a small team of highly experienced and skilled consultants we focus on the pain points for the CIO Department, enabling the CIO to focus on building his relationships and managing the demands of the executive stakeholders. Interim consulting support easily bypasses political minefields to focus on getting the job done.

The CIO Challenge

A key functional responsibility the CIO is challenged with is technology refresh – this requires the need to assess what IT needs to change and what IT needs to be commoditised. Once that is done then there needs to be the time absorbing RFP and due diligence process. CIOs can use their internal staff to do this or engage vendors to drive this for him. There in itself lays the problem… neither option is ideal.

The Consulting Approach

Very often using internal resource to put in place an RFP process one is using staff that built the existing solutions in the first place. This could make their solutions look poor or they do not have the wider technology awareness to drive the process. Vendors, on the other hand, will do anything to ‘rip out’ what’s there for new. A better approach is to use Independent consultants who have no agendas, and are vendor agnostic.

People Password security and lack of IT talent are concerns

We bring experience and support around these concerns

Complete IT Operational Make Overs

Rethinking Everything across the IT Domain

Extensive experience in Emerging Markets and Africa

Focused Consultative Technology domains

  • Expense Reductions
  • Cloud based services
  • Infrastructure Innovation
  • Operating Models
  • IoT of the Future

Recognised by Global Tech Vendors

Over the past seven years ITEXACT has had the opportunity to engage with some of the leading IT corporate make-overs and in doing so has built a strong reputation that many long to have. Global technology vendors have recognised that we might not be the biggest consulting firm, but we have done some of the most amazing transformations. We are not shy of technology challenges and have access to some of the best talent available.