Putting Technology To The Test

Choosing the right cloud for your needs

Getting the right cloud-based solution for your business needs is about understanding the providers contractual commitments and service level capabilities.

Global capabilities but local knowledge

We top up our resources with senior experienced independent IT consultants that have delivered projects across some of the most challenging geo-markets.

Meaningfull Reports and Documents

We don’t full up your inbox with unnecessary reports or documents, you will only get what makes sense and what can be used to make corporate change decisions.

Application Security top of our agenda

With our strong past history of Banking, we have a huge focus on keeping your data and services as secure as possible mitigating risk wherever possible.

Moving the IT Department out of its Comfort Zone

We use Technology as an enabler, as we engage IT programmes to bring cost control back into order

This may well sound familiar to you!

Has your IT group lost its way ?

This is the most common issue we come across when dealing with the CIO Office. Old School IT Departments were built with size in mind and rather than downsizing and reskilling additional staff were added when new skills were needed. This has created the over sized IT departments we so often come in to transform ready for the demanding needs of IT in the Twenty-Twenties.
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Applications not actually delivering ?

This is a rapidly moving space requiring agility and fast paced software development change programmes. IT Departments need to be enablers supporting marketing needs often called the Digital Marketing group in your business. In order to prevent application development silos being created the IT department needs to take responsibility and strengthen relationships with marketing teams.
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Computers or Services sluggish ?

As the digital world demands faster and faster processing and access to more and more data over the internet largely housed in cloud storage. The way that we access this data from our PCs, mobile and tablet devices it is more important that we enable this cost efficiently and with the best available bandwidth possible. This is what we do best!
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Cloud Security still a major issue ?

This has to be the most overused complaint that IT industry leaders use as an excuse not to drive cloud-based services. It is also the most popular means to access data and IoT storage so we need to balance the arguments. We at ITEXACT do this every day as we engage with some of the largest corporate players. We have many years Banking and application security skills behind us too so we understand what needs to be done.
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Remote Cloud Management Tools Like You’ve Never Seen Before
Enterprise Class Troubleshooting for Skype for Business

Leveraging more than 5 Years Development

Leveraging more than five years of development in a world leading device management platform

Deep Remote Voice Analysis

Voice testing and analysis of Skype call quality across the entire communication path

Single Consolidated View

View of the entire connectivity path including Data Network, Bandwidth, QoS, WiFi, Applications, & Headsets

IT Transformation is our Business

We really understand the supply of infrastructure into emerging markets and build experiences we share with our clients
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